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Based upon what I have checked out as well as heard in my career, it would certainly be very unusual for an individual to pass away due to asthma while resting. This is because a bronchial asthma assault wakes people from rest, unless they are greatly sedated for a few other reason. For instance, an episode of acid reflux, although usually not an unsafe trouble, can trigger a small amount of tummy acid to bubble up right into the lungs, which can make you suddenly gasp for breath. Also, I ask yourself whether an anxiety issue may be complicating your bronchial asthma.

Talk with a bronchial asthma expert registered nurse on our helpline 0300 222 5800. Why is my asthma so bad all of a sudden?The airways constrict in case of an asthma attack, preventing the individual

Asthma Attack Death: Risks, Causes, Therapy, and also Much more