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How will you spell success? Could it be M-I-L-L-I-O-N? Can it be $25 an hour? Can it be $12 an hour? Having the capacity to comfortably pay your entire bills with an additional $50 in the financial institution? How does one personally define achievement? If you have not really reached that degree of achievement, how near are you? We should be consciously alert to where we are planning if we ever be prepared to get to it. Being typical is indeed common that just a small band of high achievers actually select the gold and obtain it. This is simply not enough time to stand around watching others live life a dream-come-true life style. It’s time to perform it. There’s not just a person reading this content who cannot manifest whatever degree of success they desire. When there is anyone doing what you would like to accomplish or living the life-style you desire, it's possible for you. The maximum challenge we face whenever we decide to shift in one level of achievement to a different is

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