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It is powered by a 20 V 1.5 Amp-hour battery that delivers 330 UWO at the electric motor. With this sort of power, it can also be utilized as a sturdy drill/driver unit. The XFD10R can do 2 variable rates of RPM as well as 0-1,900 RPM making it excellent as both a drill driver as well as an exploration machine. In both form as well as efficiency, it's almost the same to the DeWalt 20-volt, also to the typical cost, right around $200. The Milwaukee is a little shorter from tip to tail yet is an ounce heavier. We provided the DeWalt 20-volt the edge right here just because the Milwaukee drill does not have added light features as well as the situation does not have extra room to store drill or motorist bits. Neither of those imperfections is a true dealbreaker, and also we think you 'd be able to manage just great without those features. If you're an RPM man, the Dewalt cordless drill is your device. The speed in which you can drive a screw via a 6 × 6 timber article, literally ROCKS!

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