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Daniel Andrews is a Grub because: 1. His curfew was not based on medical advice or health advice, he decided it on his own. 2. His responsible for the Hotel Quarantine disaster. a. he lied about not being able to get help from the Australia Defence Force. b. he tried to blame Victorians for the outbreak not the hotel quarantine disaster. 3. His studies are based on Modelling from the University of Victoria & Nossal Institute (also University of Victoria) which is Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. 2018 pages 311, 462,463 & 2017 pages 416 & 542 4. His roadmap for reopening has been critised even by the Corrupt World Health Organization as being “potentially unworkable” 5. Common Flu deaths are more deadly that this “Covid-19” Flu Strain and amazingly most deaths are people 50+ with underlying conditions. Which the Australian Gov Conveniently Deleted