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When it comes to determining how many cardboard boxes you will need, it’s better to err on the side of overestimating. You don’t want to chance running out of small boxes and compromising your belongings by over-stuffing your large boxes. Also, packing for most people comes down to the wire, and you don’t want to have to make a “box run” and waste precious time the night before your big move. Keep in mind that large items may require large or extra-large boxes, but heavy and/or fragile items should be placed in as small a box as possible. Conversely, lighter, bulkier items — such as blankets and pillows — can be packed in large or extra-large boxes. Since every household is different, every move is also unique. To that, there’s not an exact formula when it comes to determining how many boxes you’ll need to prepare for your move. However, here’s a good baseline: A typical three-bedroom house will require anywhere from 70-150

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