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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online cheats, unlockables, ideas, and hints collection. A recent experience of mine became a dream come to life, after about a month of living with a core 2 quad and an entire year of core 2 duos i finally got my hands on an lga1366 motherboard and a core i7 920 bloomfield chip, currently never is this new or advanced, yet it is more advanced than what i am made use of to, currently i tried this system with 2 video cards, a reference cooled down HD5770 and a Sapphire HD7850, seeing the efficiency i chose the HD7850, this system is able to take anything i throw at it, while i just play older video games, it manages them like a champ, playing video games like GTA IV, Saints Row: The Third, Halo 2, Phone Call of Task: Black Ops 2, and After Effects: New Las vega with butter smooth structure rates, running those games above setups, at 1366x768 was very easy for this maker.