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It can actually be another electrical problem at your home. There are a great deal of reasons that bulb lights stress out much frequently.

It can be due to high voltage, tightly fixed bulb, inappropriate air blood circulation, and so on. What you can do is examine if the holder is either loose or it's depleted. When homes are old, whatever in it also ends up being aged, including wires. Wires fall off from outlets due to the fact that they are excess wires or due to ineffective wiring. This can also occur in any other structure, not simply old houses. If the wires are taped securely, it lowers potential damages. Still, you can not absolutely depend on the temporary security of tapes since when it loses its adhesiveness, as it will peel. Get your sockets rewired or simply ensure that the wires are firmly protected. This can prevent fire stimulates that can perhaps take place if there are live wires hanging off. Backstabbed outlets/wires are just wires

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